When baby got scratched by Toys What should you do?

The baby loves to play with toys. Top up that, Baby play on the ground area. In this case, you can get Scratch for toys or other things. But usually, we see it is not a big deal. You just need to aware and make scratch clean and dry to safe from any infection. Keep reading to know What should I do whenever your baby got scratched?

when the baby got scratched by Toys What should you do?

  • Whenever Your baby gets scratched. Then check is it bleeding? If yes, then clean the scratch with pressure, clean and soft cloth, and dry bandage. If your child has scratch is on arm, led feet, and hand. Pick up the scratched area from the heart that will help to stop bleeding. If bleeding is heavy, contact the ambulance immediately and try to stop bleeding.
  • When bleeding has stopped, try to clean your hand if it is possible and dry your hands. Then clean the scratch under the clean water. Because dirty water can be the reason for the infection.
  • After cleaning the scratch,  cover it with a waterproof bandage. To make scratch clean and dry. It gives time to scratch to heal. Make sure to remove it before the bath and cover it with a new bandage. 
  • You must see it daily and that scratch is healing or not? If no, then you must meet the doctor with your baby.  Besides this, If the scratch is painful then you must for your baby. Then you must give a correct dose of infant paracetamol or ibuprofen. Check the pack or ask your pharmacist. If you don’t how to use it.

After a few days, You will see that scratch will remove the skin. Make sure it will help to make your baby save from scratch.

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