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Below is a list of books and other releases from the Pokemon franchise. Bill Michaels, Gregg Sapon, S. E. Heller and Tracey West adapted Pokemon into children’s novels.

Fans are taking their first steps into the Galar region with the arrival of the long-anticipated Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield for the Nintendo Switch. With each new region comes new challenges, and you may be a little unsure what to expect. This guide puts you on the right track with tips on wild areas, Pokemon camps and poke jobs that matter, as well as how to build a solid Pokemon team and prepare for the first gym session.

When you first venture into a Pokemon role playing game, check out our article Pokemon RPGs 101. It’s a great place to learn the basics of how the game works and what you have to do to be successful. Come back and read on to see what awaits you in the latest Pokemon adventure.

The vast, wild areas of Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield have a lot to offer players. With the right knowledge, patience, and creativity, anyone reading this guide can work hard to improve their combat skills. This is not the last part of the Pokemon Sword’s Shield walkthrough, but it will lead you from choosing your starter to the moment when you are the new champion.

Here is everything players need to know to become the ultimate trainer in Pokemon Go. It will help you climb from beginner to advanced Pokemon trainer and catch them all. Pokemon Go differs slightly from the earlier games in the series, in that Pokemon trainers, the little characters you make at the beginning of the game, gain experience points that increase their level.

In the original games, each Pokemon had its own experience points to improve, but not in Pokemon Go. Your level increases as you encounter and are able to catch more and stronger Pokemon. Although Pokemon Go does not match experience points as in other Pokemon games, it can still be made stronger with your help.

Last but not least, this guide will help coaches defeat some of the key characters who appear in Pokemon Go. If a coach has difficulty facing enemies like Tyranitar or Heatran, this guide is the right way. Here are some ways to gain an edge in tough fights and how to best counteract stronger Pokemon.

This hub page contains links to allA Pokemon SwordA and ShieldA Guides and general game information. Check out our handy reviews of Pokemon Sword and Shield and visit our Game & App Guides for more information. Collectors Edition Official Strategy Guide to Pokemon: Pokemon Sword & Shield (video game).

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You have several gyms that you have to challenge, coaches that you have to fight, and Pokemon that you have to catch, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Competition is not about beating the game or becoming a Pokemon League champion.

Selecting a certain team doesn’t seem to make any difference to your character, but this might change in future versions of the game. Each Pokemon actually has a CP limit that you can see when you go to the Pokemon Details page. A current Pokemon CP level indicates that the arc of the CP will not end at this level.

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