Top 3 Small baby soft toys with LED lighting

Looking for the Best Led Lighting Soft toys for your little baby? Then, Here we are ready to help you. We give the top 3 small and soft lighting toys list.

What is the right toy for a little baby?

Toys that didn’t give any damage and made without any type of chemical. As well as, Toys which are soft and attract your baby’s attention are the best toys for your kid. And our list full fill these all requirements.

Led lighting toys attract the baby’s attention. Also, the baby loves to play with soft toys. Furthermore, You can give these toys to your baby without any worry. These toys are very comfortable to hold in your little one’s hand.

Best Led Lighting soft toys for baby

1.Light Up Unicorn Squeeze Toy

If you are searching soft and safe lighting toy for your kid? Then, this toy is just made for you. It is a Unicorn Squeeze toy. It is very soft and safe with crewing.

The colors of this unicorn toy are very light and attractive. Also, the look of this toy will make it your baby’s favorite toy. As well as, This toy’s price make you happier than your kid.

Light Up Unicorn Squeeze Toy
Light Up Unicorn Squeeze Toy


  • Great muti-shining colors of a unicorn.
  • The toy is soft & not harmful for teething.
  • The featured product gives the value of money.
  • Perfect size: Not Big & Not Small.
  • The cute look is so much attractive.


  • Colors are perfect for the night but just good for the day.

2. Mapixo 6 Packs Light-Up Floating Dinosaur

Is your baby love to play with animal toys? And you want a budget light toys? Then, It’s the best choice for you. In this deal, you will get 6 animal light toys at a very good price.

These toys are very colorful and made with good quality material. toys light up when you bring them into the water tub. Besides this, size of these toys is very perfect for little hands.

 Mapixo 6 Packs Light-Up Floating Dinosaur
Mapixo 6 Packs Light-Up Floating Dinosaur


  • Safe with no sharp edges and safe for a chew.
  • When toys touch the water, it gives amazing sparkling colors.
  • With the little size, it to comfortable to the baby’s hands.
  • Soft but made-up of highest quality material.
  • Durable for a long duration time.
  • Also listed in Amazon’s Choice.


  • Not replaceable battery (one-time useable toy)

NOTE: If No One Product Doesn’t Work You Can Contact With Company And Can Replace New One For Free!

3. Unicorn Hatching Rainbow Egg Kids Toys

Surprise your baby with this cute unicorn hatching rainbow egg toy. It is a colorful egg. It is a surprise for everyone, because you also can’t guess, What colored toy you will get from the egg.

You need to put the in water and wait for up 48 hours to get your surprise toy. And, you toy you get from the egg is very soft and safe for your baby. It needs water to get his original shape.

Unicorn Hatching Rainbow Egg Kids Toys
Unicorn Hatching Rainbow Egg Kids Toys


  • Very lightweight and soft toys.
  • When it gets shrink then it is very easy to carry out.
  • Amazing un-known colored toys.
  • Toys come in Punchy colors.
  • Durable for a long period of time.
  • Also listed in Amazon’s Choice.


  • You don’t know which type of colored unicorn you will get.

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