How Do YouTube Make Their Money?

It is important to note that Google provides you with 68% of ad revenue (Adsense). The cost per thousand views (CPM) and the cost of one click (CPC). CPM is where you make money based on the 1,000 views you collect, and CPC is where YouTubes make money based on the number of people who click on ads on your page or video.

YouTube has received a lot of backlash for its decision to be more transparent about its ads and what is considered ad-friendly content. It is easy to set up advertising and make money with YouTube partners, but there are more lucrative revenue streams that you can create yourself.

Consider the revenue from YouTube Premium, a secondary source of revenue that comes on top of what you earn from ads.

Key takeaways YouTube earns the bulk of its revenue from advertising, like most other Google properties. In 2017, Alphabet (Google, parent of YouTubes) stopped reporting revenue for its segments, so it is unclear exactly how much money YouTube made.

Still, YouTube generated more than $9 billion in revenue in 2017. YouTube can embed targeted ads into video clips that its users watch to promote featured content.

YouTube cooperates with programs that enable YouTubers to get paid ads per view on their sites. Both YouTube and Google embed targeted video ads into clips that Google users watch.

Whether it’s CPC or Ads, you are paid based on how many people click the ads that surround your video. For ads, CPM means that viewers of your YouTube video can watch the ad for up to 30 seconds, or it is a shorter video with at least as long ads. Ad payments depend on CPM, which costs per thousand views when viewers watch 30 seconds of the ad, half of which for shorter videos, and the CPC, which is the cost per click when viewers click on the ad.

Even if your video gets thousands of views, you won’t make money if nobody watches or clicks on the ad. Videos that contain inappropriate language, violence, adult content, or controversial topics are not suitable for advertising. You can open an Adsense account when you start your channel, but you won’t receive a withdrawal until your balance reaches $100 – which can take a while to get started if you’re launching.

With the release of YouTube Premium, you no longer need advertisers to place attractive and enticing ads to generate revenue. You can make money every time someone sees an ad in your video or clicks on an ad. As you post more videos, gain more subscribers and expand your YouTube watches over time, your advertising revenue on YouTube will increase.

Remember that YouTuber channels can also produce their fan merchandise and sign advertising contracts with relevant companies to increase revenue from video views. Once a channel has established itself and dominates its genre on the platform, creators can benefit from such extraordinary numbers.

An advertising contract involves posting a video advertising a feature or product and paying several thousand pounds for it. Another way to earn a commission from the sale is to make more money from your advertising on CPV.

In this way, you can promote affiliate links on your YouTube channel or blog, embed your videos into your blog posts to get more views, and help your search engine rankings.

Advertisers create Google AdWords accounts to serve YouTube ads and choose their ad strategy based on pay-per-click (CPV) or cost-per-view (CPC) prices. For example, you can get $0 for one view or $5 per view when a viewer clicks on a high-quality ad. In this case, you earn from the companies you work with on YouTube and from YouTubes advertisers.

The YPP ( YouTube Partner Program ) enables websites and successful YouTube channels to monetize their content by placing ads made and paid for by other YouTube users. The criteria for the program require that your channel has reached 4,000 hours of viewing and 1,000 subscribers in the last 12 months. According to Socialblade, the T series earns less than $724,000 a month from their YouTube channel, much of which comes from advertisers in the YPP program.

The more videos you post, the more likely you will get more video views on your channel. Posting multiple videos per week can increase your audience to the point where you qualify for a YPP and earn some money. This split means that an advertiser will invest $200 to place ads on your channel, which will earn you $110 for your video properties.

For most significant YouTubers, advertising revenue is a passive way to make money. For the creators, the beating heart of YouTube is advertising, and that is where the blood flows. However, they will not be able to rely solely on YouTube to generate video advertising revenue.

When people think of a YouTube channel, they think of themselves as full-fledged video makers who record and edit videos in front of a camera until their eyes bleed.

When creators upload videos to YouTube, viewers flock to the site, advertisers come to the platform, YouTube has an audience, and it gives creators some of the advertising revenues to encourage them to keep uploading to stay on the site and receive advertising revenue. It would be best if you become a YouTube partner to place ads on videos on your channel.

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Suppose you have entered the YouTube section and are wondering how to create a YouTube channel with more views. In that case, it is highly recommended to cover content that lives in a specific niche where YouTube makes it easy to attract subscribers and earn money.

If you’re thinking about making money on YouTube, you’re probably dying to know how people make so much money from videos and the different paths you can take. The first step a YouTuber can take to monetize their videos is to join the YouTube affiliate program.

We spoke to Jack Allen, a student who earns money from his YouTube channel Tezla. He explained that it is difficult to give an exact figure for how much you can earn from a video that does well. It has taken him three years to get to the point where he can earn more than a few pennies for a video, and it all depends on how lucky you are to make videos that go viral.

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